Northern VA Driving school is a group of certified driving instructors, who serve the most comprehensive program developed for the purpose of providing important information relating to the needs of new and experienced motorists. Many driving schools in the area will teach you or your child how to drive, but at Northern VA Driving school, not only we teach how to drive, but also teach how to be a safe, responsible, and a defensive driver. Our curriculum is designed to meet the developmental needs of you or your child and incorporates learning with highly qualified instructors.

At Northern VA Driving school, we have over six years of experienced male and female instructors. We work diligently and persistently on detailed instructions,more than any other driving school, to keep our students safe by providing the best driving instruction. We believe that the most crucial aspect of defensive driving is not only allowing safe driving between you and other vehicles on the road but also training you to foresee any upcoming untoward hazards and act accordingly without panicking. The instructors accomplish this by instilling a balance of confidence and safety.

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Driving for the first few times might give the impression that there’s not much to worry about, which is why people are often found texting or calling during driving. We understand this and try to ensure that our students realize what one second’s loss of focus can do.Road safety is a key concern area for both the Government and the people on roads. Safe driving requires a blend of confidence and equal competence together. Learners in our school are taught about one’s own as well as others safety.Remember, safety comes first! With all that said, it might seem like driving is a confusing task;at first, it’s daunting, then it’s easy but then you’re told not to do that. All you have to do is remember the rules and know how your car can be controlled. That is all, and it will almost become a second habit, like riding a cycle, surfing the internet or even reading.


Remember, driving is privilege, not a right. To enter this privilege and to maintain it, you will need attention to detail. We believe that the rules of the road, like the rules of playing a piano, are learned by going into details and practice. We accomplish just that and focus on individual details required of people with honesty and hard work. We understand that learning how to drive is a rite of passage towards a more independent life and we take that very seriously. We put our honest and hard efforts to make each client learn the right way and try to make it as easy as possible.


Our cars are comfortable and maintained to drive the way you want. We at Northern VA Driving school don’t just focus on better driving skills but also educate safe driving culture through our special training and road sense details, which are a part of our DMV approved curriculum. We offer online courses, observation courses, pick and drop facilities and provide different certifications and, under certain circumstances, are authorized to issue licenses.


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